For many students, private tutoring is a better option for test preparation. Whether you are looking for a more individualized program or you have a busy schedule to work around, we will develop the right tutoring program to fit your needs. Additionally, with a diverse and talented teaching staff, we will take the time to find the right tutor for your student. There is no expiration date on tutoring hours so they can be used entirely during the summer or can extend throughout the year. The 12-hour, 20-hour, and 30-hour programs include materials, practice plans, and an unlimited number of proctored practice tests (we recommend at least 4). Tutoring meetings take place in-home or at a convenient location. Students are also encouraged to join us for full-length practice tests on Saturdays and Sundays at any of our locations in Fox Chapel, Squirrel Hill, Pine-Richland, and Coraopolis.

On the SAT and ACT, each test features four multiple choice sections and an optional essay. Our 6-hour program is designed for students focused on just one section of either test. If a student has already taken the SAT or ACT and requires help with only the SAT or ACT math section, for example, this program provides an appropriate review.

The 12-hour program is the right fit for students focused on one or two sections of either test. This program allows for a more comprehensive review of any one or two sections on either test. Students participating in the 12-hour program receive a copy of our curriculum and authentic practice tests, and will also be welcome to attend an unlimited number proctored practice tests.

Our 20-hour tutoring program is the most popular as it covers every section of either the SAT or ACT and allows for more flexibility. The 20-hour program also allows for more time to be devoted to any area a student finds particularly challenging. It includes all of our program materials and practice tests. Parents and students will receive ongoing feedback, as well as recommendations as to whether some hours should be saved for later testing dates.

Our 30-hour program is the right fit for any student seeking comprehensive test preparation for the SAT, ACT or both. This program includes more time for targeted review and offers the greatest opportunity to focus on any area of need. The 30-hour program is the right fit for students who plan to take the SAT or ACT multiple times during the year. Students will also be welcome to sit in on any SAT or ACT classroom courses to review at no extra charge.

For students who want to combine the structure of our classroom course with additional, targeted attention, our hybrid tutoring program is the right fit. This includes additional tutoring as needed at a rate of $80 per hour. How those hours are structured is flexible. Past students have used them to focus on challenging areas, have saved them to review prior to their testing date during the year, or have used them after an SAT course as an introduction to the ACT or Subject Tests.

To find the right tutoring program for your needs, please email us or call 412-874-7645.