Choosing Goldstein Test Prep was the best decision we made for our son. We opted for the personal tutor arrangement. Although more expensive than the class, it is a very small investment when compared with the total cost of a college education.

Lessons were structured and personalized, with every minute focused on helping our son reach his highest potential. Our son was confident, prepared, and achieved better test scores than he would have with a different arrangement. We will definitely be contacting Goldstein Test Prep for our daughter.

Mike Goldstein becomes an advocate, advisor, and support system. He gets to know the students and can provide contextual guidance that a parent does not always have. Mike looks out for the best interest of the students, always suggesting solutions that put the students’ needs first.

- Moira S.

I just wanted to let you know how pleased we were with the Goldstein test prep program for both of our daughters. Their feedback was that:
1) the instructors were excellent, very well prepared and knowledgeable on all the subjects covered
2) the material was comprehensive, detailed and covered at a comfortable pace
3) additional help was always available, as needed by the student, either after class or at a separate time
4) many practice tests were given to track the student's progress, strengths or weaknesses
5) both girls had a very positive experience; they both took the course twice and scored very, very well.

We would highly recommend the program to any student looking to increase their SAT/ACT scores and to any parent(s) looking for an excellent SAT/ACT program for their child; we believe it is the best test prep course in the area.

Thank you for making the program available to the students!

- Nadina M.

Narmada and I are happy to have known about Goldstein Test Prep. We sent our daughter Shruthi to this academy, and they were awesome. She aced both her ACT and SAT, with many, many thanks to Mike Goldstein, who did a great job in helping her prepare for the test. Mike is a great person, who we are glad to have met at the right time.

Post Gazette

- Shivkumar A.

I am writing this note to let you know how well things have gone for my son since he participated in your SAT preparation classes and private tutoring. The pharmacy program that he had his eye on required a specific score for acceptance. We believe that your classes and tutoring allowed him to exceed the numbers his college of choice required. He was accepted and was offered over $120,000 in scholarship money because of his SAT scores! My husband and I had no idea that high SAT scores could lead to significant college scholarships. It was a very nice surprise. We believe the investment in your classes and tutoring paid off many times over. We highly recommend your services to our friends and family.

Thank you for your dedication to helping students achieve great results on the SAT and ACT. You have contributed greatly to helping my son achieve his dream.

- Lillian K.

Goldstein Test Prep was fantastic! Mike was great to work with and he helped me achieve scores that were even better than I had hoped. The focus on both knowledge and test strategy provided me with every opportunity to succeed. I would recommend Goldstein Test Prep to anybody.

- Marty T.

I have known and worked with Mike and his staff for 4 years. We have used his company for both group classes as well as private tutoring. Mike is extremely knowledgeable on all standardized exams including subject tests. He provides overview and helps each individual student focus on the test for which he or she is best suited. His staff is also excellent. The tutors we have worked with are well trained and very professional and organized. I believe that the instruction from each of them is excellent. I would recommend Goldstein Test Prep enthusiastically to any student who is motivated to well on standardized exams.

- Kiran F.

My family has worked with Mike Goldstein over the past several years. With three children getting ready for college and three different learning styles to accommodate, we needed expert help in navigating the SAT and ACT terrain. In consultation with Mike, we developed a different testing approach for each of them to best suit their respective needs. The well-organized in-class and private instruction built confidence and made a real difference in outcomes. Mike and his team were always professional, personable, and flexible in working with our schedules.

- Martina W.